Limited Addition


(FOLKLURE) is a nod to local artisans who continue to keep their traditions alive and passionately uphold their craft. Our designers collaborated with folk artists over the last few months to learn techniques and adopt processes they’ve honed over generations. The result is this limited-edition collection of hand-painted saris that reinterpret Kalamkari and Madhubani forms in a beautiful modern-day manner. Vibrant, yet graceful and elegant, they are individually numbered and up for the bidding to fashionistas and art lovers alike.
  • Manthan Sari
  • Mahua Sari

    Mahua Sari

  • Rohu Sari

    Rohu Sari

  • Vatika Sari
  • Kalpa Vriksha Sari
  • Phool Sari

    Phool Sari

  • Krishna Sari
  • Kajal Sari

    Kajal Sari


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